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Cutting Board


The essential aussie dessert, easily adapted to be a gluten free, lactose free upon request.

Let your guests create their own bespoke dessert with this sweet take on the traditional savoury grazing platter. Instead of cold meats and crackers there's fruit sauce, chocolate topping, fresh cream and other treats to sprinkle over the mini pavlova nests. How fun!


Three sizes, small ( 2 people),  medium ( 4 people)  y large ( 6 people), each box contains:

*9 Meringue portions mix strawberries flavour, passionfruit and vanilla classic 

(15 units medium and  21 units large) 
*Homemade Whipped Vanilla Cream

*3 sauces (salted caramel, chocolate and  passionfruit curd)

*Seasonal fruit (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, kiwi, passionfruit, etc)

*Decorations (mashmellows, flake choc, mini mashmellows, mini meringues)


Each box is decorated with satin ribbon, seasonal flowers, napkins, containers and wooden cutlery.


More than 8 people, please ask


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