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Kids Birthday Super Breakfast

Kids Birthday Super Breakfast

This surprising and exclusive breakfast for our most valuable customer!


* Special mug

* Hot chocolate mix (chocolate chips, chocolate powder, marshmallows)

* Full fat milk (options available)

* Apple and blackcurrant juice

* Wholemeal sandwich with ham, cheese, hummus and lettuce or

 cream cheese with cucumber and lettuce

* Greek vanilla yogurt with children's cereal

* Fresh fruit mix

* Doughnut with glaze and sprinkles

* Candle

* Cake banner

* Funny grass hair kit

* Colouring book and pencils

* Decorations

* Napkins, wooden cutlery, clips, birthday card

* Tell us about the age you are or your age and we can customize the decoration of the box.

(unicorns, dinosaurs, rainbows, cars)


    2021. Nice Surprise Breakfast