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Bamboo Boats

Bamboo Boats

Yes, Covid rules are making catering tricky...


But here's one way of getting it done!  A bamboo boat with your choice of fillings.  Your guests choose their boat and walk away.  No tongs, no touch.  Ideal in the current climate


These can be:  Sweets, cheese/crackers, crudite with dip, let us know your 'food vision'!  Otherwise, most of our clients ask for a variety of Chef's Choice.


Please note: cheese/crackers boats are a large boat ($12), to hold the dip successfully.  Otherwise, remove the dip and it can be done as a medium.


Fillings can be varied in these bamboo boats, to cover your special dietary requirements.  Just give us your Special Diet list summary and we'll take care of it.



Minimum 10 bamboo boats per order.  Can supply 200+ with sufficient warning.


Event Manager note:  As at mid-August, we're seeing around half of our clients using this style of individual serve.  The other half are staying with shared trays (which is slightly cheaper), and in some cases, designating one person to hold the tongs/disposable gloves and serve your guests.  We're certainly happy to offer some direction where required.

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