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Any occasion is special to celebrate and remember... from a birth, anniversary, birthday or just start the day right. What better display of love for those you appreciate with a gift full of love and thinking of them.

Say it with Love, Say it with Nice Surprise Breakfast.

Give Away Moments,
Give Away Smiles



Bagel sandwich with ham off the bone, lettuce cover with a piece of brown paper and lace


It arises from the need to create a product that differs from what already exists, focusing on a segment concerned not only with what you are going to eat, but also with an aesthetic and environmentally friendly concept, managing to deliver more than just a gift . The idea is to transfer a feeling, reflected in the detail of our breakfasts, that make others feel truly special.

Born of concern, heart and love.

Say it with Love, Say it with Nice Surprise Breakfast

We invite you to be part of this experience, where you have breakfast and grazing boxes options to share, give away and surprise those you love the most.

Choose yours!

Bag of Bagels

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Melbourne, Victoria

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